Get to Know Us

Your Catholic Cemeteries, owned and operated by the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph, Missouri on behalf of the parishes, give witness to a faithful community of Christ’s Disciples – the deceased, the living, even those yet- to- be- born- of all walks and stations in life.

Your Catholic Cemeteries are holy places for prayer, for memory, for service, and for renewed purpose.

These are sacred environments where…

Life is Remembered, Love is deepened, Hope is rekindled and Faith is awakened, renewed, and strengthened.

Your Catholic Cemeteries are consecrated space, like a church, a peaceful and sacred site of beauty: where family and friends can gather in prayer and remembrance.

We are committed to your/our family/families, those deceased and those living. We invite you to come for a visit… to laugh, to cry, to remember, to smile, and to love.

All Are Welcome

Kansas City (816) 353-1900 St. Joseph (816) 279-5005