Burial Choices

Whether a full body or cremated remains are desired to be laid to rest a wide variety of choices exist.

Full Body Remains

Choices include in ground space or above ground mausoleum crypts.

  • Interment refers to in ground burial
  • Entombment refers to burial in a mausoleum crypt.
  • Ground burial in our cemeteries requires an outer container/vault. This is a concrete enclosure that protects the casket and is resistant to equipment. These vaults are not available through Catholic Cemeteries and must be selected and purchases through a funeral home.
  • Mausoleum crypts, dependent on type, may hold one or more bodies.

Cremated Remains

Choices include in ground space or above ground mausoleum crypts or niches or columbarium niches.

  • A Columbarium is a free standing structure designed to hold cremated remains. Each space within a columbarium is called a niche. Dependent upon type, a niche may hold one or more remains.
  • Our Mausoleums also contain niches designed to accommodate cremated remains.
  • An outer container/vault is not needed for entombment in a crypt or niche.
  • An urn vault is required for interment. Urn vaults may be purchased from Catholic Cemeteries or through a funeral home.


  • Our cemeteries gardens offer many different customizable flat memorial options or upright monument options. Memorials types available vary based on garden location​
  • Crypts and Niches have either standardized Bronze Plaques or engraving dependent upon location.

Let our experienced counselors help you find the option and location that works best for you and your family.

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